On the off chance that you’ve quite recently got another Chromebook, for example, the HP Chromebook 11 or Samsung Chromebook Series 3, you might think about how to take screenshots. Along these lines, here’s a fast guide for you. We’ll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to take a screenshot, then discover it and utilize it. We’ll likewise demonstrate to you two or three awesome applications for taking extraordinary screenshots and altering with explanations in the program.


The HP Chromebook 11 is the most recent offering, an association amongst HP and Google with a 11-inch screen and 6-hour battery.


In case you’re new to Chromebooks (or still not certain whether to get a Chromebook or not), it may likewise be a smart thought to peruse up on all that you have to know when changing to a Chromebook, discovering more about what a Chromebook is and what individuals consider Chromebooks, and bookmarking the best web assets for new Chromebook proprietors.

Take A Screenshot in Chrome OS

How to get a screenshot On Chromebook of your entire screen or a piece of your screen (even your login screen), you have to utilize the Window Switcher Key. This is the catch that has a cluster of rectangles on it, speaking to a group of windows, for the most part found over the 6 and 7 keys, between full screen and brilliant down.


For a full screen screenshot, press Ctrl+Window Switcher Key.

For a halfway screenshot, press Ctrl+Shift+Window Switcher Key and drag the determination to your favored size.

Discovering Your Screenshot

To find your PNG screenshot, open the Files application and explore to the Downloads segment. Your document will be called something like “Screenshot 2014-01-01 at 4.21.18 PM.png” of course, however you can simply rename it to whatever you like later.


In case you’re utilizing the visitor account, ensure you duplicate the documents to a SD card or Google Drive before you exit. The visitor account “Downloads” envelope is purged when the visitor logs out, so each one of those screenshots will be erased.

Utilizing Your Screenshot

In the event that you need to get to this screenshot on another gadget, intuitive it to the Google Drive segment of the Files application and it will soon be prepared for you in your Google Drive for utilize.

There are additionally many incredible augmentations for taking screenshots from inside the Chrome program. In the event that that is all you truly need, investigate the accompanying expansions. A special reward is that you can as a rule utilize the expansion to comment on the screenshot promptly, which can be truly helpful.

Great Screenshot

Great Screenshot is a standout amongst the most prevalent Chrome screenshot augmentations – and in light of current circumstances. Utilizing it, you can rapidly take a screenshot of the entire site page or a part of it. At that point without leaving the program you can obscure out delicate data and clarify it with notes, circles, rectangles, lines and bolts. It makes things so natural for you!

We have beforehand canvassed Awesome Screenshot in a rundown of Chrome augmentations to take incredible screenshots, alongside Lightshot for Windows and Webpage Screenshot.

3 Google Chrome Extensions To Make Great Screenshots

3 Google Chrome Extensions To Make Great Screenshots

Screen Capture (By Google)

Screen Capture is a Google-made Chrome screenshot augmentation which will give you a chance to take a screenshot of your program window indicating either the unmistakable piece of a tab, the entire page, or a client characterized district. It’s anything but difficult to scroll while characterizing a district, so your Chromebook’s little screen isn’t an issue. This expansion will keenly keep an eye out for skimming objects when you scroll, so that you just catch the picture of that question once. After your screenshot is taken, you can alter it instantly in the program.


Spare To Google Drive

Spare to Google Drive is another related expansion you may discover valuable. On the off chance that you simply need to spare a duplicate of a picture you’re taking a gander at, this augmentation will give you a chance to spare the picture specifically to your Google drive. Basic and successful!

What’s your favored approach to take screenshots? Locally or by utilizing an augmentation? Does it come down to having the capacity to clarify the screenshot quickly?


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